A Museumnacht wristband allows free use of the special shuttles. They transport you from one museum to another. All Museumnacht buses stop at the special bus stops, easily recognisable by the Museumnacht bus signs.

Do you want to travel in style? From the Hofvijfer there is a limousine that takes you to the Fotomuseum!

If you come to Museumnacht by car you can park in the heart of the Museum Quarter, right by the Hofvijver and a Museumnacht bus stop. Reserve a cheap parking place now (5 hours for only € 10 with Museum Parking via

Busline A

  1. Hofvijver (Centrum)
  2. Plein 1813
  3. Gemeentemuseum
  4. Javastraat

Busline B

  1. Hofvijver (Centrum)
  2. Centrum/Humanity House
  3. NEST
  4. Gemeentemuseum

Hofvijver - Centrum/Humanity House - NEST - Gemeentemuseum - NEST - Centrum/Humanity House - Hofvijver

Busline C

  1. Hofvijver (Centrum)
  2. Beeld en Geluid Den Haag
  3. Museum Maluku
  4. Museum Meermanno

Busline D

  1. Hofvijver (Centrum)
  2. Voorburg

Busline E

  1. Voorburg
  2. Voorburg Molen de Vlieger

Voorburg - Molen de Vlieger