Huize Voorhout & Studio Kazerne

Locations MC’s Mindgames

Huize Voorhout, Lange Voorhout 78

The Russenhuis or Huize Voorhout (next to the Escher in Het Paleis) is the main location of MC’s Mindgames. Huize Voorhout was built at the end of the nineteenth century for the court of Prince Hendrik, brother of King Willem III. The mansion has a richly decorated interior that has been preserved in good style. The current owner is working on careful sustainability and is temporarily opening Lange Voorhout 78 to MC’s Mindgames.

Studio Kazerne, Kazernestraat 23A

Chic families on the Lange Voorhout did not just leave their carriage, sedan, calèche or Achenbacher, on the street. That is why there are typical buildings along Kazernestraat with large garage doors and usually one floor, which were built in the 19th century as a coach house.

Program 2023:

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