Frequently asked questions


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MNDH will work with the ‘Testen voor Toegang’ policy. At every institution we will ask for a valid Coronacheck QR code. In this way we can make it possible that with your ticket you get the freedom to visit all institutions.

The locations will sometimes have additional rules. They will announce these at the entrance. We ask you to always follow the instructions of the MNDH locations and their employees.

Ticket sales will start on Monday 9 August at 12:00 on our website.You can find all information about the tickets here.

The earlier you buy your ticket, the less you pay!
Prices start at €14.

Yes, if we have to cancel MNDH due to the corona measures, you will receive your money back within 10 working days.
You can also choose to take your ticket with you to 2022. That would really help us as a cultural event!

On the evening of 9 October you can have your downloaded e-ticket scanned and exchange it for a wristband. The wristband gives you access to all participating institutions.

The redemption points will be announced soon.

No, all program activities are free and there is no need to register. It is possible that some tours or activities are crowded and you have to wait for the next shift.

The reason why is that MNDH is not a regular museum visit. The visitors are welcome after closing hours and there will be additional entertainment during the evening. Another reason is that as an organisation you need to be a member of the Museumvereniging. Since we are an event and not an cultural institution, we are not part of this association.

In previous editions there was transport between the participants in the vintage buses of the Haags Busmuseum. Unfortunately, this is not feasible for this edition due to the corona measures.

Our advice? Grab your bike or rent an OV-fiets and start cycling from one participant to another location. Get a breath of fresh air right away! 

MNDH is a project of Stichting Haagse Museumnacht and Donkergroen creators.

Absolutely! Please get in touch with below and we will contact you.