Saturday 12 October 2024
19:00 – 01:00

Saturday 12 October 2024
19:00 – 01:00

Concert music film

Are you a film ánd music fan? Then this evening is perfect for you! Enjoy a standing music & film experience with a specially selected concert film. Go crazy with your friends in the boutique cinema!

Experience the immersive full dome show ‘To the Root’

Embark on a breathtaking audiovisual journey through the diverse landscapes and indigenous cultures of Latin America. Enjoy live music by Nación Ekeko and stunning visuals by Tatoaraoz. Experience this immersive unique experience in the Dome of Museon-Omniversum

Make some Noise – breakdance

Hip hop musicians and dancers are inspired by you as they improvise around universally human themes such as love, pain, sadness, comfort, anger, fear and hope. What would you like them to show in their music and dance?

My little songbird piping away

Ghazal Faghihi’s music performance reimagines Henrik Ibsen’s play ‘A Doll’s House’ using the clarinet, experimental sound, and live electronics influenced by 17th-century music. Ghazal incorporates elements of the play, like sugar, into her composition. This performance is part of the “Bad Objects” exhibition.


Dancers-collective OFFprojects joins forces with electronic music platform INDEX, offering a hybrid performance and club night.  Especially for Museumnacht the two collectives present a mash-up of dance interventions, DJ sets and live analog visuals. @offprojects   @indexmusic_

Open mic

During Museumnight The Hague, you can admire various musicians at the Grote Kerk who come to play according to their own wishes.

Sculpture in Movement

During Museum Night, 1646 will invite a professional dancer to move and respond to the installation and sculptures of world famous Spanish artist June Crespo.