Saturday 12 October 2024
19:00 – 01:00

Saturday 12 October 2024
19:00 – 01:00

Exhibition Vertical Cities Expo: the Tallest, the Dreamed, and the Unimaginable

The exhibition Vertical Cities: Skyscrapers shows over 200 models of the world’s tallest buildings, from Dubai to New York, Moscow, Shanghai, and The Hague. It also features models of never-built structures, futuristic megastructures, and buildings from The Hague, such as the Strijkijzer (Haagse Toren, Rijswijkseplein), De Kroon (Turfmarkt), and New Babylon (Anna van Buerenplein).Would you […]

Filmscreening: Whatever Remains Unchanged Is Already Dead

Come and watch the animated film by artist Diana Gheorghiu during museum night. In this film, Diana explores the absurdity of a new kind of elite, which prepares for the downfall of civilization through luxurious gadgets, underground Doomsday Bunkers and extreme forms of wellness.

More Heat Than Light: film screening program on quantum communication

Stroom presents a special video program with short videos by young artists from The Hague that tie in with the theme of the current exhibition ‘More Heat Than Light’ by Agustina Woodgate. Stop by and immerse yourself in the world of quantum technology! And of course you can also visit the exhibition at night.

Take a selfie in the world’s first living coffin.

Get photographed alive and proud in the world’s first living coffin. Discover this 100% natural, biodegradable coffin and how you can become compost yourself. Loop Biotech is happy to tell you about it on the first floor in Museon-Omniversum’s museum

The Sound of Cinema: Vinyl from the past century.

Are you a real film music fan? Then admire our Sound of Cinema exhibition, with displays full of vinyl of film music from the 1910s to the present. New sounds, familiar sounds, counter-sounds – they sound in the exhibition.