Saturday 12 October 2024
19:00 – 01:00

Saturday 12 October 2024
19:00 – 01:00

‘We are Here’ guided tour

Javanese-Surinamese, Moluccan or Hindustani Surinamese Dutch people – groups of Muslims who have been living in the Netherlands for a long time. But how did they get here? Find out about their history and heritage in our special tour of ‘We are here’.  

Climb The Hague Tower

Together with a guide you walk the (in total) 288 steps. We stop on every floor for the stories of the city, the tower and the people who preceded you in the stairwell. Our ascent ends on top of this highlight in The Hague; where you can enjoy 600 years of all-round views and the countless lights of Museum Night […]

Discover West

Get to know West! The only contemporary institute in the Museum Quarter welcomes you to discover art unlike anything you’ve seen before! You will be more than a passive observer and be able to interact with the art, the building and its history in a direct and playful way. Challenge your role as a viewer, […]


Everything you always wanted to know about M.C. Escher, but did not dare to ask! Do you have a question about Escher? Have you been walking around with a burning question about the famous graphic artist? Do you think you know something, but are you not sure whether it is correct? Then come to our […]

Guided Tour: Memorials: Statues of liberation 

Are you ready for a rock solid tour? Come to the exhibition Memorials: Statues of liberation and experience a great introductory tour with curator Kriszti Vákár. She shows you the works of art by four Dutch sculptors: Mari Andriessen, Fred Carasso, Charlotte van Pallandt and Willem Reijers. Kriszti chops the artists’ stories into pieces and shares them with […]

Guided tour: Whatever Remains Unchanged Is Already Dead

Immerse yourself in the work Whatever Remains Unchanged is Already Dead by artist Diana Gheorghiu and Jill Verweijen & Linnéa Gerrits during a guided tour. During the tour you will get to know more about the absurd phenomenon of luxurious Doomsday Bunkers. You will be guided in the atelier where the work has been made […]

OUR LAND – tour by night

During a tour of the exhibition OUR LAND, delve deeper with an expert into the complex and often painful aspects of Dutch colonial history. Then, listen to eight family stories told by eyewitnesses of that history and their descendants. How does this history still affect us today?


Together with a tour guide you will discover the hidden stories behind the paintings.

Tour brothers of Sint Jan

Ever wanted to know what monks actually do? Why they wear the clothes they do and what motivates them to do so? Then this evening is the unique opportunity to get to know not only the pearl of The Hague (the Willibrorduskapel), but also the brothers of Sint Jan and ask them all the questions […]