Saturday 12 October 2024
19:00 – 01:00

Saturday 12 October 2024
19:00 – 01:00

‘Internal Encounters’ interactive performance

‘Internal Encounters’ by Lore Pilzecker is an interactive performance using pencil drawings and miniature soapstone tokens that invites the audience to partake in a ritualistic act to bathe the miniatures as they transform. This performance is part of the exhibition ‘Bad Objects’ which explores the doll’s house as a symbol of control, fantasy, and solace […]

A New Look for you

In the exhibition DIOR – A New Look, you discover the famous A-line, H-line and zigzag line. Then get to work on your own design and create your own statement look.

ASCII photo portrait

Have yourself portrayed and have the photo converted to an image in ASCII character set. To make it complete, you can decorate your own KB picture frame!


Yoga and drinking beer at the same time? With Brewed by Women, you can! During Museum Night, you can warm up your muscles as well as your liver during special Beer Yoga sessions. We do exercises like “Downward Dancing Dog” and “Party Warrior”. You will get a cold beer at the beginning of the class […]

Blackout poetry

Michelangelo said: ‘Statues are not made, they must be freed from marble’. And that is exactly how the Blackout poem is created. You just have to free the poetry from the text. Delete the words you don’t need and watch the great poet emerge within you. You are more poetic than you think!

Creative experience II – Tamponing tote bag

In this creative workshop you will decorate your own tote bag. You can create letters and shapes using special textile paint and stencils. This is how your personal, unique design is created. Nice for yourself or to make as a special gift for someone!

Discover West

Get to know West! The only contemporary institute in the Museum Quarter welcomes you to discover art unlike anything you’ve seen before! You will be more than a passive observer and be able to interact with the art, the building and its history in a direct and playful way. Challenge your role as a viewer, […]

Draw and drink

Take a seat at the long tables in the garden and bring your drink with you (our bartender Bas has delicious drinks for sale again). Here you may draw on everything you see: the table cloth, the pots and pans and even (if you look at him nice) on your neighbour. Look beyond the length […]

Explore the night sky with Rijswijk Sterrenwacht

For stargazers, Rijswijk Observatory brings the universe within reach! With telescopes, you can explore the night sky, much like the legendary scientist Christiaan Huygens once did. What mysteries will unfold during the night?

Figure drawing

Discover the art of life drawing, surrounded by masterpieces! With expert guidance you will learn the techniques for drawing the human body. Timeschedule: 19:15 – 19:45 pm 20:00 – 20:30 pm 20:45 – 21:15 pm 21:30 – 22:00 pm 22:15 – 22:45 pm 23:00 – 23:30 pm 23:45 – 00:15 am

Landscape in black and white

Get visual behind a real easel and create a landscape in the mysterious, dreamy atmosphere of the Spillaert/Braeckmann exhibition.