Back to the Roaring Twenties

Listen to the jazz music in the Notaryroom of the museum with a glass of wine in hand. The wine bar from Wijnhuys Huygens offers a great selection of special wines suitable for the evening. Between the main collection, existing of paintings and sculptures, you can play card games or take a stylish picture in the 1920s photo corner.  

Enjoy the ambiance in the monumental Notaryhouse in the heart of the Huygenskwartier Voorburg and bring a visit at the Kunstuitleen Voorburg and Huygens’ Hofwijck. 

Danceworkshop Roaring 20’s

Relive the past and dance on the music of the Roaring 20’s. During the danceworkshops you learn the social and swinging dance The Charleston. Perfect for a great night, so dance the night away!

programma 2022:

Danceworkshop Roaring 20’s

Balloonart by Frans Neijs

Murder at the museum

Wine tasting Wijnhuys Huygens

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