Lara Deutz a.k.a. Jazzalara 

Lara Deutz, is a Rotterdam multi-talented artist, inspired by jazz and pop music. When Lara sits at the piano, something happens around her. She escapes from the world and fills the room with warm and jazzy sounds. Her songs are often autobiographical. They are about self-development, freedom and nature. Lara sings and plays her songs with passion and individuality, inspired by Nina Simone, Celine Cairo, Zero 7 and Stevie Wonder. 

Last year Lara produced and launched her solo EP ‘Tree Wisdom’ with a self-designed cover. In the meantime she has received reinforcements from a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. Together with her band she will perform her EP and new songs. 

programma 2022:

Allison’s Fall 


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