One Planet Dome

In One Planet Dome you can see how beautiful the earth is. Take a seat in your easy chair and experience a brilliant journey, while seeing breathtaking film footage all around you. It looks like you’re there yourself! The timetable of the movies can be seen in the MNDH-app.

Movie ‘Vulcanoes: The Fire of Creations’
Active and inactive volcanoes can be seen all over the world. It is the story of science and adventure and the fiery origin story of the earth. From Hawaii to Indonesia, from Ethiopia to Pompeii. The more than 500 active volcanoes still contribute to the creation of ecosystems. Watch the trailer here.

Movie ‘Serengeti’
The film Serengeti is an unforgettable safari trip along elephants, lions, leopards, birds, insects, etc. This beautiful nature reserve was created by a series of events that are discussed in the film. The Serengeti is also subject to change. If the habitats of the animals are slowly disappearing, can we save and protect them? Watch the trailer here.

Movie ‘Antarctica’
Visit the coldest, driest and windiest place on Earth, surrounded by the roughest oceans: Antarctica. BBC Earth used the latest filming techniques to be able to film under the ice of almost 2 meters thick. We watch an incredible spectacle of thousands of starfish, dancing jellyfish, playful seals and the largest gathering of whales ever filmed. Watch the trailer here.

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Insects and algae party

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