Meet the Huygens family

At Hofwijck you will experience the Golden Age through the eyes of poet, musician and diplomat Constantijn Huygens and his world-famous son, scientist Christiaan Huygens, two key figures from that time.

On arrival at Hofwijck, you will be warmly welcomed by Messrs. Huygens, just like friends and family. In the Pronkzaal food is served, music is made and poems written by Constantijn Huygens are recited. In the Old Dutch Kitchen, Christiaan Huygens tells about the special garden and the unique location of the ice cellar. Learn more about the food in the 17th century, but above all about eating in a country seat.

programma 2022:

The story of Susanna Huygens

The Observatory Rijswijk

Beer tasting Voorburgse Bierwinkel

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