Saturday 12 October 2024
20:00 – 01:00


Visit our ‘white cube’ or delve into our bright pink, round space; take place in our cinema, take a tour through our excavation site, or enjoy a musical: at 1646 you’ll experience something completely new each time!  At 1646 we work with artists who approach complex ideas and life questions by means of fiction, humor […]


Utrecht-based band BRASSA will blow you onto the dance floor with its funky music. This seven-member band makes music on trumpets, saxophones, percussion and drums. BRASSA plays their own work: the seven band members write their songs together and name them after meaningful women from the present and history. Their musical beats pop the roof […]


Knowledge is shared in the Brasserie: the cheesemonger talks to an art historian about the Still Life with Cheese, Almonds and Pretzels by Clara Peeters. This lecture will only be in Dutch.

De Haagse Toren

One of the skyline highlights of The Hague; De Haagse Toren in the Grote Kerk. A whole workout with 288 steps on their stairs is worth the epic view at a height of 92,5 meter. Don’t miss out this literal highlight!

Exhibition – The Hague Street Art

The fifth edition of the INSIDE group exhibition organized by The Hague Street Art shows the autonomous work of local graffiti and street art artists to a wider audience. Street art and graffiti have been on the rise for several years and give color and character to The Hague through, for example, murals, education and […]

Experimental herbal cocktail tasting

Stop by 1646 for a herbal cocktail tasting! 1646 invited Joost Nieuwenburg for Museumnacht, who, besides making art, crafts his own cocktails and grows a wide range of herbs on his own piece of land in The Hague. The tasting takes place in the exhibition at 1646, where different medicinal herbs grow in an installation of […]

FULLY BOOKED – Climb De Haagse Toren

Please note: This location can only be visited with a guided tour. The tours are now fully booked. There are no places to reserve at the door. We look forward to welcoming you to one of the 32 other locations! — You are not a citizen of The Hague if you have not visited it once: […]

Gabriel Paiuk – Focus

We are used to seeing focus in its optical manifestation. But what happens in the realm of sound? Do we tune our hearing into our auditory environment in a similar way as we do with our eyes in the visual realm? Focus is a sound installation by Gabriel Paiuk, exploring ambiguous materiality of the audible. […]

HipSick – Funeral Ecstasy; The Paradise

HipSick is a Rotterdam-based crew operating at the intersection of performance and installation art. Their work blends movement, objects, light art and sound. For Museum Night they present new work exploring the boundaries and contrasts of and between these disciplines. From dark and light, heat and cold, movement and stillness, verbal and non-verbal, sound and […]

Historic tram timetable

The HOVM manages a collection of approximately 30 trams, all of which have served in The Hague. Most of the collection belongs to the historical collection, which gives a good picture of the Hague tram in the period from 1905 to 1993. Some trams are not historic cars, but function as a Tourist Tram or […]

Interactive tour: put yourself in the shoes of a judge

Please note: this program is only in Dutch. The Prison Gate: for centuries judges here decided the fate of thieves, impostors and murderers. Tonight the judge needs your help: what do the suspects have on their conscience and what punishment is appropriate? You can figure it out during this interactive tour! (Note: this tour takes […]

Music – KanVerkeren

Sharp lyrics, tight melodies and ‘Sweet’ beats. KanVerkeren is a group from the circle of the Hague Hip-Hop Center, including Arjen Boer and Peter Oostinga, with writer Harmen Alkema and harpsichordist Maciej Wierzcholowski. They combine 17th century lyrics and music with contemporary hip-hop. Surprising and contemporary elaborations, inspired by texts by Huijgens, Hooft and Bredero, […]

Open Space: Ildikó Horváth – centreOFFgravity

In fall 2023, artist Ildikó Horváth will participate in the Open Space residency program at The Grey Space in the Middle. During her stay, Horváth works on her project center OFF gravity, in which she uses ceramics and sound to investigate the way humans interact with their environment. During Museum Night, visit the ongoing interactive […]

Quick escape: put yourself in the shoes of a suspect

Please note: this program is only in Dutch. They were terrified: the suspects who were imprisoned in the Prison Gate, centuries ago. What would the judge decide? And what punishment would they receive? During this quick escape you take on the role of a suspect. Can you find out in time what you are accused […]

The Grey Space in the Middle

The Grey Space in the Middle is a space for fundamental creativity where relations emerge between people, art, digital culture, science, technology, philosophy and food.  A permanent festival, a project, presentation and residency space, an art, music and performance venue, a club and a cafe with a kitchen, bar and outdoor terrace in The Hague. 

The Hague Public Transport Museum (HOVM)

The Hague Public Transport Museum (HOVM) tells residents and visitors of The Hague the past, present and future of public transport in The Hague and surrounding areas. Their museum caters to everyone who is interested in technology, the city of The Hague and the surrounding region, and transport. The historic trams form an important part […]

Van Kleef

Established in 1842 and still at its original location in the old center of The Hague. Van Kleef is the only jenever and liqueur house in the Residentie and is always an item in the ‘typical The Hague’-list. Traditional craftsmanship and natural ingredients combine craft, history and quality in the many Van Kleef distillates in […]