Saturday 12 October 2024
20:00 – 01:00

“A Dog that Always Caught Its Prey” by Marcin Liminowicz”

An ongoing research project concerning the use of psychiatric medication in canine behavior, the history of breeding, and the disciplinary power of language. Differentiating between humans and animals often hinges on their respective abilities to use language. Twenty-first-century thinking is recently coming to the conclusion that animals, too, are language users. “A Dog that Always […]

DJ Onno Post & DJ Future Intel Posse

DJ Onno Post will heat the floor up with his hot and fiery tunes. Onno mainly plays alternative dance, jazz and pop. F.I.P takes over later in the evening. F.I.P stands for Future Intel Posse aka future intel crew. Different in composition, united in vision for the future. Expect experiments and surprises

Mediacafé with Francine Oomen: How Do I Survive… TikTok?

During this Media Café, presenter Lisa Wade will talk to Dutch writer Francine Oomen, known for the Hoe Overleef Ik bestseller book series. Together, they discuss dilemmas and challenges that your generation face: what about friendships, fear of failure, stress of choice, self-image, or dreams for the future? Where do you get your inspiration from […]

Museum Sophiahof

In this museum the significance of the colonial past of the Dutch East Indies for the Netherlands today comes to life and the consequences of colonization, war and migration become visible and tangible. The museum has an exhibition space that currently houses two exhibitions: OUR LAND – Decolonization, Generations, Stories and the brand new exhibition […]

Nael Quraishi

A place no longer, 2019 A devoted Dhol player from The Netherlands whose journey began in 2008 returned to Ludhiana in 2016. Standing on the site where he learned to play, he found out that the building had been demolished among others on the street due to the city’s anti-encroachment operations carried out by the municipal corporation authorities. […]

NewsArcade Quiz

NewsArcade Quiz: Transforming News Consumption through Gamification ???? Explore news in a new way with NewsArcade! Learn more about an interactive, gamified news format that will put you in the shoes of a journalist. This project aims at enhancing your news literacy, critical thinking, and understanding of media production. Join us at Museum Night for a […]


“A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of unique artworks in The Hague’s schools.”


Quartair is an artist-run initiative operating as a platform for artistic presentation, cooperation, and debate. Quartair initiates and supports exhibitions, art projects, and exchanges with other artists or artist-run spaces at home and abroad. Based in the former bread factory, Haagsche Broodfabriek, today the building hosts eleven artists, active in seven ateliers, and a project […]

Quiz: Do you remember?

One Direction, Justin Bieber, the first iPad, Lena Lijstje, Het Klokhuis and loombands: they all have something in common… They are from the 2010s! Who stared at you from the poster above your bed? And what do you remember about your favorite series and music from the past? Test it in the Back to Then […]

Rose Academy: the Film School

At Film School, they get the opportunity to learn under the guidance of professional directors, actors and coaches from the Dutch film and TV world to work on their own short film. During this intensive program, ROSE stories offers weekly workshops for five months. With all the knowledge and experience you have gained, you will […]

Screen printing

Mans is a visual artist from Utrecht. He tries to understand the world and expresses himself through his art. You can describe his work as surreal, fun and with humor. Mans used the archive of Sound and Vision and turned it into his own creation. On Museumnight you can him in action putting this creaton […]

Screening Positions: Afterlives

A specially curated film program for this evening featuring video works by artists from The Hague, depicting contemporary legacies of the colonial past

Sophiahof’s Foodtruck Festival

Caress your taste buds and enjoy the most delicious dishes under the stars at Museum Sophiahof. Various food trucks land on the parking lot of the museum and are thus transformed into an open-air restaurant. From street food to culinary delights: (re)discover the flavors of Indonesia and Melanesia.

Sound & Vision in The Hague

The museum of news and journalism. At Sound & Vision in The Hague you will discover everything about news. How is news made and distributed and who decides what you see? After a visit to the museum, you understand how news shapes your view of the world and you know what impact it has when […]

Stroom The Hague

As an art center, Stroom Den Haag produces and presents many diverse projects and exhibitions throughout the year. The policy is based on the conviction that art constantly offers new insights and contributes to the discourse about art, the city and society. With a full and diverse program we use imagination to enrich and clarify […]

Trang Hà & Marcin Liminowicz

5°C And Above, 2020 How long does it take to defrost a fish? To preserve its flavor, we must submerge it in cold water—a quarantined environment, from six to eight hours. What is left then when the ice is gone? In the mix-media video work, Trang Ha and Marcin Liminowicz explore the porous border between digital and […]

Two Hiccups

“Two Hiccups”, the second of the “Hiccups” series, is an evening of performances involving experimental culinary art, music, and film.  One cannot sing and eat at the same time. To sing is to starve, and to eat is to be in silence. Local and international artists will interpret the intersections between tastes, sounds and images. […]