Willemspark Archives - Museumnacht Den Haag

Saturday 8 October 2022
20:00 – 01:00

Louis Couperus Museum

New this year is the Louis Couperus Museum. Louis Couperus (1863-1923) is one of the greatest Dutch writers. His well-known oeuvre, provides a clear picture of the fascinating world around 1900. He has immortalized the stormy developments in the political, social and cultural life of those days in his novels and stories. The aim of … Continued

Museum Sophiahof

At Museum Sophiahof you can experience the cultural and historical legacy of the former Dutch East Indies by presenting themselves as a knowledge and community centre. Here you will learn everything about the history of the Dutch East Indies, its significance in Holland after the war and the present day. The impact of this shared … Continued

Sound and Vision The Hague

At Sound and Vision The Hague you’ll learn all about the news. How is the news made? How is it spread, and who decides what you get to see? After visiting the museum, you’ll understand how the news shapes the way you see the world, and you’ll know the impact you can have when you … Continued

Stroom The Hague

Art center Stroom is a creative space with an always full and diverse program with visual arts, architecture, urban planning and design. Stroom’s policy is not committed to any particular movement. The centre is open to everyone with stimulating ideas or a need for information regarding art and the urban environment. It aims at being … Continued