Willemspark Archives - Museumnacht Den Haag

Krontjong in Concert

This year for the first time during Museum Night The Hague! A unique and interactive museum concert with classics from krontjong music. Violinist Gregor Overtoom, violinist Marjo van den Doel and cellist Hanne Steffers take you through the history and sounds of this type of music from the former Dutch East Indies. Immerse yourself in … Continued

Louis Couperus Museum

New this year is the Louis Couperus Museum. Louis Couperus (1863-1923) is one of the greatest Dutch writers. His well-known oeuvre, provides a clear picture of the fascinating world around 1900. He has immortalized the stormy developments in the political, social and cultural life of those days in his novels and stories. The aim of … Continued

Museum Sophiahof

In this museum the significance of the colonial past of the Dutch East Indies for the Netherlands today comes to life and the consequences of colonization, war and migration become visible and tangible. The museum has an exhibition space that currently houses two exhibitions: OUR LAND – Decolonization, Generations, Stories and Japanese Hellships. Caught at … Continued

Sound and Vision The Hague

At Sound and Vision The Hague you’ll learn all about the news. How is the news made? How is it spread, and who decides what you get to see? After visiting the museum, you’ll understand how the news shapes the way you see the world, and you’ll know the impact you can have when you … Continued

Stroom The Hague

As an art center, Stroom Den Haag produces and presents many diverse projects and exhibitions throughout the year. The policy is based on the conviction that art constantly offers new insights and contributes to the discourse about art, the city and society. With a full and diverse program we use imagination to enrich and clarify … Continued

Tifa All Stars

Learn to play on a real tifa (Moluccan drum made from a hollowed-out tree trunk and a goatskin). And have you always wanted to be in the spotlight on a stage? That is of course possible together with the other Tifa All-Stars!