Saturday 12 October 2024
20:00 – 01:00

A Lingering Game

The A.L.C. Collective is presenting their first work ‘Gaps we want you to feel – a lingering game’. The young artists Anna Zimante, Louis Touraille and Charlotte Kremberg introduce a performative art-installation which you will be confronted with the limits of your own ‘conformism’. Based on administrative processes, an undertaking we are all familiar with, […]

Audio experience

Do you know what self-reference is? And what part it plays in the creation of not just art, but also our conscience? West offers an audio tour during the Museum Night that explores these topics using four different contemporary art works as examples. Approach art in a new way with this stimulating audio experience, which […]

BLCKBX: A theatrical time capsule

Welcome to the BLCKBX. Gen Z’s theatrical time capsule. The generation that doesn’t know a world without a smartphone.  In this world, we keep our deepest fears, dreams, desires and ideals. Pronounced, silent, we stand in a world full of contradictions and change. We take you into what should NEVER be lost for us. While […]

Blind tasting: what does The Hague taste like

Yes, those ‘Hague Hopjes’, we all know them by now. But what other culinary highlights does The Hague have? What is the taste of The Hague? Go on, put on that blindfold, and taste it in the Hague Historical Museum! Can you guess what you’re eating? Hmm… is that a ‘Hague Hopje’ that you are […]

Buses The Hague Bus Museum

The buses of the Hague Bus Museum connect the Cluster Museum Quarter and  Cluster Statenkwartier. Ride along on this direct connection and you’ll be on the other side of town in no time! Every 10 minutes, a bus leaves from Lange Voorhout (at the information point at Toornooiveld) and the Kunstmuseum/Museon-Omniversum. The first bus leaves […]

Calligrapher XL Live

Tom Vincentie is an enthusiastic and versatile letter artist from Rotterdam who specializes in the handcrafted painting of letters, logos, and illustrations. He creates numerous hand-painted advertising displays on windows and large, colorful murals on buildings. His years of love for hand-painted letters led to his deep dive into calligraphy. For Museumnacht 2023, Tom will […]

Comic book photoshoot

Step into a comic strip setting like a real cartoon character and let yourself be immortalized with the most absurd speech bubbles. @$!*%&!! What a fun activity! The photos that are taken will be available online from Saturday October 14 at

Concert George & the Rams

George & The Rams is a feel-good, no nonsense Westcoast pop band. Ride along from the 70’s soul of Al Green to the yacht rock of Steely Dan. In the back you’ve got Big Star and Tom Petty, so we’re good to go. Let George & The Rams take you on a trip down memory […]

Create your own tessellation

M.C. Escher was fascinated, maybe even obsessed, by tessellations. He could puzzle for hours, days and months on the many ways a plane could be filled with repetitive figures. Would you like to try this yourself? Now you can. On Museumnight, Escher in The Palace organizes a special workshop in which you can make your […]

De Koninklijke Schouwburg

The Koninklijke Schouwburg is one of the oldest theaters in the Netherlands. It was once built as a royal palace. The main hall has a capacity of 670 seats. The theater offers you a wide range of theatre and plays, but you can also visit us for comedy, cabaret, music, youth performances and theater lectures. […]

Do Bauhaus

The embassy is designed by Marcel Breuer. He was part of Bauhaus, an international group of artists, artisans and architects. Their credo was: improving society through art. Nothing is set in stone and everything is possible! We translate the ideology of Bauhaus into a variety of activities, working with colour, sound, and much more. Create […]

Escape Rooms

Discover the former US Embassy in a unique way. Three rooms in the different corners of the building have been transformed into Escape Rooms. Only by formulating answers together and solving riddles about art can you escape. Or will you be able to find the secret route out? West’s exhibitions in this monumental building provide […]

Escher in The Palace

Prepare to be amazed by the works of M.C. Escher! With over 120 prints in our collection, the most famous works from the oeuvre of M.C. Escher (1898-1972) are permanently on display at Escher in The Palace. These magnificent prints are being exhibited in a regal setting: the former winter palace of Queen Mother Emma. […]

Fashion on Escher

What would an Escher look like as a piece of clothing? As part of the Escher Year 2023, Dutch Fashion Embassy challenged three designers to take inspiration from Escher for a new fashion collection. During a fashion show at

Flash tour exhibition ‘Belt of paper’

Take the flash tour of the ‘Belt of Paper’ exhibition. Guest curator Eline Kortekaas talks about the rise of the printed book in Indonesia and how it contributed to the country’s independence.

Flash tour: learn more about the history of The Hague

Did you know that The Hague is actually not a city, but a village? Or that a lion used to live on the Buitenhof? During this flash tour, a guide takes you along the highlights of the Hague Historical Museum and you hear the most interesting facts about The Hague. That tongue and finger from […]

German Evangelical Community

In 1856 the Deutsche Evangelische Gemeinde was founded in The Hague. The German Evangelical Church is a neo-Gothic church building from the years 1860-1861 and is located in the center of The Hague. The German church was designed by H. Wentzel from Berlin on behalf of the German Evangelical Congregation. The building was restored in […]

Historic tram timetable

The HOVM manages a collection of approximately 30 trams, all of which have served in The Hague. Most of the collection belongs to the historical collection, which gives a good picture of the Hague tram in the period from 1905 to 1993. Some trams are not historic cars, but function as a Tourist Tram or […]