Saturday 12 October 2024
20:00 – 01:00


Yoga and drinking beer at the same time? With Brewed by Women, you can! During Museum Night, you can warm up your muscles as well as your liver during special Beer Yoga sessions. We do exercises like “Downward Dancing Dog” and “Party Warrior”. You will get a cold beer at the beginning of the class […]

Bulletin bar

Make your own bulletin at the RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History! To announce their art shows, contemporary art gallery Art & Project published artistic bulletins made by artists like Gilbert & George, Sol LeWitt and Richard Long from 1968 to 2001. Get inspired by the artists’ books and bulletins at the exhibition at […]

CBG|Family History Center

The CBG|Centre for Family History is the center of expertise for family history. The CBG considers it important that everyone can get to know his or her family history. The Dutch have roots all over the world and descendants of the Dutch live all over the world. Knowledge of your family history contributes to your […]

Cocktail bar of Literature

Had enough of all the impressions and is it time for a little relaxation? Come to the literary nightclub at the Museum of Literature. This is where you drink writers’ favourite drinks and show off your best dance moves. Photo by: Eveline van Egdom

Creative floral workshop

Create beautiful prints with botanicals on paper during this simple mini-workshop from Printherapy. We have a printing station where you can make a print with an etching press at any time. It also dries quickly, so you take your print right away.

Design your own family crest tote bag

Who are you, and where are you from? Give shape to your own identity by crafting a family crest tote bag at the CBG|Centre for family history and flaunt it during The Hague Museum Night. Family crest traditionally tell your family history’s story. Using colours and templates based on original shields and heraldry, you can […]

Floral photobooth

Imagine yourself in the wonderful world of the Flora Batava and get captured on camera among the lush and proliferating plants from this book. This selfie hotspot, designed by Olivia Ettema, will make you feel like the Alice in Wonderland of the 21st century.

Guided tour Maroon history

Join the tour guide and learn more about the history of the Maroons, descendants of enslaved people who fled the plantations in Suriname. During the tour you will be taken through the Revolt and Freedom installation where you hear more about the Maroon freighters strike in 1921. And in the exhibition On the Map you […]

Hidden places tour

Due to the success of last year’s MNDH, the tours have been scaled up! Dive with our tour guides among the bookshelves in the depots, which are normally not accessible for public. Sneak through the source of countless stories in the dark and be surprised by 122 km of Dutch written heritage. Stand face to […]

In the picture with Eline Vere!

The debut novel Eline Vere by writer Louis Couperus from The Hague was an immediate success, partly because the work appeared as a serial in a The Hague newspaper. Eline Vere is a young woman of well-to-do bourgeois descent who passionately tries to escape the dullness of her milieu, but sadly fails. Come to the […]

In-depth tour of Art & Project

Immerse yourself in the world of Art & Project! The Amsterdam gallery has been leading the development of contemporary art in the Netherlands and far beyond for more than thirty years. From 1968 to 2001, the gallery organized a groundbreaking program with work by both national and international artists, such as Sol LeWitt, Richard Long […]


Dance group Inheritance gives a traditional Awasa dance performance and workshop at the National Archives. Awasa is a way of communication in the Maroon culture in Suriname. Maroons are descendants of enslaved people who fled the plantations. Messages have long been conveyed through this dance on the plantations and from village to village. During the […]

Inheritance (Openingsact Anna van Buerenplein)

On Saturday evening, dance group Inheritance will shine with an enchanting opening show on the fountain at Central Station. In doing so, they will take the audience to the origins of the code language of the apinti drum, as well as the traditional Awasa dance movements. The female Awasa movements express a woman’s beauty and […]

KB National Library

Our world is built with words. And formed by people. With their ideas. Their past. Their dreams. And their vision for the future. With the national library you can get to know your world better. Or someone else’s. You can go on a journey through the world of the past, or look ahead to the […]

Let’s dance!

Celebrate KB’s 225th anniversary and come over to take a dance in the library! This night, Katya Gabeli combines her DJ sets with electric violin improvisation

Museum of Literature

Literature moves, entertains, gives hope. Contributes to our personal development. Literature and literary heritage are connected to society and play a major role in determining our culture and identity. Literary heritage is a magical mirror in which we see who we once were, who we are and who we can become, as individuals and as […]

Nationaal Archief

In the National Archives you will find answers to questions related to your life, the history of the Netherlands, also in relation to other countries, and society. They help you gain new insights by giving you access to the national memory. Throughout the year, the National Archives organizes various exhibitions, lectures, guided tours and workshops.


Nest is an art space located in the Energiekwartier in The Hague and offers an elaborate program centered around art, collaboration and encounters. Nest provides a platform to makers, writers, talkers and thinkers, with an international scope. As part of the vibrant and dynamic creative climate in The Hague, it fosters space for artists to […]

Onbelicht Geluid (Unexposed Sound)

Unexposed Sounds is a 3D documentary installation by Lotte Ottevanger about The Hague’s underground electronic music scene. It focuses on the importance of underground culture and spaces, the love for partying and its difficulties by the lack of understanding of the local government. The story is told by those who contribute to create nightlife and […]