Saturday 12 October 2024
20:00 – 01:00


Discover the magic when two artists from “”De Popstad” merge their talents to create a unique sound. OONA’s gloomy and melancholic productions meet AVA NOVA’s poppy vocal lines and harmonious choirs. Their intimate live set, accompanied by acoustic piano, bass synth, and simple electronics, delivers a blend of 90’s R&B and modern indie/electro-pop. Come listen […]

Banditas X UHG 

Banditas are on a mission to amplify the voices of talented women in the music industry. In every track they curate, their dedication to promoting inclusivity shines through, showcasing the rich mosaic of cultures from around the world. Join them on this incredible journey where music becomes a medium to embrace your body, activate your […]

BLCKBX: A theatrical time capsule

Welcome to the BLCKBX. Gen Z’s theatrical time capsule. The generation that doesn’t know a world without a smartphone.  In this world, we keep our deepest fears, dreams, desires and ideals. Pronounced, silent, we stand in a world full of contradictions and change. We take you into what should NEVER be lost for us. While […]


Utrecht-based band BRASSA will blow you onto the dance floor with its funky music. This seven-member band makes music on trumpets, saxophones, percussion and drums. BRASSA plays their own work: the seven band members write their songs together and name them after meaningful women from the present and history. Their musical beats pop the roof […]


Get ready to hit the dance floor in KM21! Clostoya will be providing electrifying sounds. This DJ from The Hague brings a blasting mix of deep/tech/acid house, 80s90s house, and a touch of disco. Let yourself be carried away by her energetic beats after exploring the impressive exhibition at KM21. It’s guaranteed to be an […]

Cocktail bar of Literature

Had enough of all the impressions and is it time for a little relaxation? Come to the literary nightclub at the Museum of Literature. This is where you drink writers’ favourite drinks and show off your best dance moves. Photo by: Eveline van Egdom

Dancing with a sperm whale

Fancy a drink and a dance next to The Hague’s most famous sperm whale? Enter the red carpet and walk straight into the party zone of Museon-Omniversum. Enjoy a drink before immersing yourself in the fractal world in the Dome, or warm up for the speed tour through the museum. DJ Mike will provide the […]

DJ Onno Post & DJ Future Intel Posse

DJ Onno Post will heat the floor up with his hot and fiery tunes. Onno mainly plays alternative dance, jazz and pop. F.I.P takes over later in the evening. F.I.P stands for Future Intel Posse aka future intel crew. Different in composition, united in vision for the future. Expect experiments and surprises


Dance group Inheritance gives a traditional Awasa dance performance and workshop at the National Archives. Awasa is a way of communication in the Maroon culture in Suriname. Maroons are descendants of enslaved people who fled the plantations. Messages have long been conveyed through this dance on the plantations and from village to village. During the […]

Inheritance (Openingsact Anna van Buerenplein)

On Saturday evening, dance group Inheritance will shine with an enchanting opening show on the fountain at Central Station. In doing so, they will take the audience to the origins of the code language of the apinti drum, as well as the traditional Awasa dance movements. The female Awasa movements express a woman’s beauty and […]

Let’s dance!

Celebrate KB’s 225th anniversary and come over to take a dance in the library! This night, Katya Gabeli combines her DJ sets with electric violin improvisation

Metamorphosis (opening at Lange Voorhout)

During the dance performance Metamorphosis, visitors are immersed in an endless black and white world. Movements in which the beginning and end can no longer be distinguished show them the world of the Hague artist M.C. Escher. The decor translates typical concepts such as infinity, metamorphosis and perspective, which, together with dance, makes visitors reflect […]


The girls from Mispoes have visited many a club and bar in their time. They came to the conclusion that there is a bit of pussy missing in the clubs. Mispoes combines music with entertainment, art and culture and will definitely get your feet off the ground! Their forte lies with hits they like to dance […]

Open Space: Ildikó Horváth – centreOFFgravity

In fall 2023, artist Ildikó Horváth will participate in the Open Space residency program at The Grey Space in the Middle. During her stay, Horváth works on her project center OFF gravity, in which she uses ceramics and sound to investigate the way humans interact with their environment. During Museum Night, visit the ongoing interactive […]


Jana Blom & Caitlin Berner are called ‘PET-NAT’ (formerly ‘Prosekko’) when they dj, and Glitterstudio when they design. What once started with shared playlists that they listened to while working, has evolved into varied sets they like to dance to themselves. Expect prominent, funky bass lines, no fixed genre, occasional bangers from unexpected angles and […]


The Atrium of the City Hall will be turned into a rollerskatedisco during the Museumnight The Hague. So put on your rollerskates and roll along on the funky beats from DJ Groove Selektor Brian Bfunk. No rollerskates in your attic, but would you still like to shine on the dance floor? No problem! You can […]


Natousch Gerritsen, a tour de force as far as dj’s go. With an eclectic collection of records and an ear for catchy hooks. She takes you along for a ride full with funky post-punk sounds. She is the singer of the band TOUSCH and sings and plays percussion in the Amsterdam based band Relax Head […]

Snackbar The Ambassador X UHG 

  Snackbar The Ambassador is the artistic alter ego of multidisciplinary visual artist, musician, and radio presenter Matthias König. His music is an explosive blend of deconstructed folklore, electronic beats, and space explorations, enriched with krautrock, psychedelic cumbia, dub, and other mind-expanding influences. Clad in eye-catching costumes, this one-man band creates disruptive yet captivating live performances […]

Songs And Silences – intimate dance and live music with OFFprojects

OFFprojects is a collective of former dancers of NDT that are gathered around the work of choreographer and singer-songwriter Amos Ben-Tal. In Songs And Silences, intimate dance solos in silence alternate with Ben-Tal’s haunting songs. The audience is spread across the church floor and the performers move in between the public. The result is a hypnotizing […]

Sophiahof’s Silent Disco

The Silent Disco is back at Museumnacht Den Haag, and guess what? Museum Sophiahof is going all out with an upgrade: not one, but two DJ booths! Museum Maluku hosts one of the booths, and especially for this night, we’ve invited talented female DJs with Moluccan roots to make their beats pop. The Indisch Herinneringscentrum, […]