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Alone with Escher

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to look at art in peace and silence? As if time stands still? That’s possible! Come and enjoy a work by M.C. Escher in a private room where you can really take some time alone (or in pairs). An experience you won’t forget.


We invite all artists who work with (digital) film, video, projections, beamers, light or music visual to beam their work in our beautiful rooms. For the 175th anniversary, there will be an anniversary exhibition in October with three themes in terms of the past, present and future of Pulchri Studio. We highlight these three components … Continued

Balenciaga’s Next Top Model 

In the fashion exhibition Balenciaga in Black you can admire many beautiful vintage drawings of Balenciaga’s masterpieces. Have you always wondered what you would look like as a stylish fashion illustration? Anna Wijnands can transform you into a real Balenciaga model in just a few brushstrokes! You only have to pose for five minutes, think … Continued

Conceptual sounds

The RKD’s collection contains archives of conceptual artists and artists’ movements from the 1960s. Conceptual art is a form of art in which the idea is central; the concept is more important than the execution. Thus innovative forms came into being such as performance videos, artist’s books, but also sound recordings. The gramophone records by … Continued

Exhibition Project10101010 

Since 10 October 2010, Arthur van de Graaf has been sending hundreds of disposable cameras to children all over the world. Ten years later, he set up a newspaper containing the photos of dozens of ten-year-old children from all over the world. Some of these photos can be seen during MNDH.

Flash tours

Get to know the Mauritshuis in a very personal way. Take a tour through the museum with friends, family or colleagues, with one of our guides during the flash tours. They are happy to tell you more about our paintings. They point out special details and hidden stories. These tours take approximately 20 minutes.

Flash Tours painters’ houses

Stroll in small groups through the houses of the famous painters Paulus Potter, Jan van Goyen and Jan Steen. Our guides will take you to the Atelier and they will also take you to the place where the artist slept. After the visit to the Old Dutch Box-bed the guide  take you to through the … Continued

From the Sea to the Clouds to the Soil

Stroom Invites KABK: From the Sea to the Clouds to the Soil  Can we imagine a world where we live on par with bacteria? How can we learn to listen to other voices in nature, and learn to (recognize) the relationship between ourselves, the water, the ground on which we live, and all living tissues … Continued

Hidden Colonial Heritage, Back to the People

Photo exhibition and historical movies from the fifties through which we get a glimpse of the colonial influence on Maroon societies in the 20st century: scientists and missionaries. Such inheritance was kept in closed archives of the church and musea worldwide. Now it is time to give them back to the people enriched with their … Continued

Interval: OFFprojects

A Kinetic installation The movement language of choreographer Amos Ben-Tal and the dancers of OFFprojects interact with a mesmerizing kinetic installation by Gosse de Kort, an acclaimed Dutch interdisciplinary artist coming with a background in architecture.  In Interval the four dancers have to navigate their relationships and intuitions in a constantly transforming architectonic landscape. The performers and … Continued

Kidsfluencer Starterkit

“We need to get your views up. Make them love you!’ Step into the installation by artist Lotte Ottevanger and suddenly you are a child who has to ensure you get more clicks and views on Instagram and TikTok. Sitting in front of a green screen you hear voices who continuously tell you that things … Continued

Meet the crooks of 1672 

Disaster year 1672: Our country is under attack and complete mayhem broke out, with an absolute low the brutal murders of the De Witt brothers. Come and visit our exhibition as a true disaster tourist. Beware: don’t get swindled by a shady saleswomen who is is trying to sell you limbs of the murdered brothers. … Continued


LOOS presents in Studio LOOS ”NEW DEVICES, NEW SOUNDS, NEW VISUALS” with a performance programme in which the following interdisciplinary artists present themselves solo and work together in various formations: SMUCKER – Buzzing Strings / Resonant BeautyBOLLEN – Sculpting Hands EMMER – Electronic Music VAN KREIJ – Electronic Artifacts and Devices JACQ  – Films VAN BERGEN – Hyper Winds 

Ocean of People: The Exposition 

Tonight is the first night that this multidimensional exhibition Ocean of People is shown in the Atrium of the City Hall of The Hague.  Wethepeople is a young multidisciplinary act from The Hague and Utrecht, founded in 2020. Project Leaders and musicians Nathan Arnold and Cleo Vermuyen and visual artist Natalie Andrade make music and … Continued

Project 3: Het kantoor (The office)

Project 3: Het kantoor (The office) from 1973 is the last project of conceptual artist Enno Develing (1933-1999). It is the recording of an hour of work one morning in the office of an installation company, captured on 240 photographs and four gramophone records. The artist wanted to give a picture of reality as objective … Continued

The Sound of Cinema 

Film grinds, film pops, film sighs, film clicks. And Filmhuis Den Haag shows it all. In an exhibition and with podcasts and playlists. Open your ears to intimate piano playing, rousing disco beats…or nothing at all. New sounds, familiar sounds, counter-noises – it’s all part of the Sound of Cinema. 

Uit Het Gareel: pop-up exhibition

Amare’s foyer will be transformed by Uit Het Gareel into the cultural heart of the building. A pop-up exhibition of art from The Hague, by Anna Nunes, Beer van Geer and Studio Poca, is shown. This exhibition is curated by Julie de Ruijter.  Uit Het Gareel is an initiative from The Hague that brings art … Continued