Exhibition Archives - Museumnacht Den Haag

Saturday 8 October 2022
20:00 – 01:00

Facing the Crowd

The exhibition Facing the Crowd shows documentation of performances in the form of a lecture, speech or sermon. Covering works from the early 1970s to today, Facing the Crowd highlights the different ways in which language, human behavior, the artist’s body and voice, and interpretation become an integral part of the artwork. The exhibition is … Continued

Foto Americain – Who are we?

Long ago in the 1980s, in a squat in The Hague, photographer Ernst Lalleman (1965) found six boxes containing 234 large-screen negatives. They turned out to be color portraits of mostly unknown residents of The Hague. They were made in the period 1959-1960 by Foto Americain, a photo shop and studio that was located at … Continued

L’écriture avant la lettre

‘L’écriture avant la lettre’ presents 26 forms of ‘lecture performance’, in which the interaction between spoken and written language is an important element. The exhibition presents various works such as LPs, photography, texts, publications, installations and videos by national and international participants. With ‘L’écriture avant la lettre’ Alphabetum strives for a transdisciplinary approach. The exhibition … Continued

Lee Kit: Lovers on the Beach

Lee Kit’s ‘Lovers on the Beach’ is his first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. Lee works with simple objects and creates installations that change our experience of light, sound, color and everyday objects. Lee activates an intimate dialogue with the ‘most silent’ objects that we spend most of our time with. His exhibition draws our … Continued

Oscar Murillo

To artist Oscar Murillo there is no distinction between art and life. His work explores universal themes like migration, displacement and the human impact of globalisation. KM21 presents Murillo’s first solo exhibition in the Netherlands, showcasing the work of an artist of international renown. Murillo has created on-site at KM21 an immersive, experiential environment which … Continued