Saturday 12 October 2024
20:00 – 01:00

Buitenmuseum Atelier Tours

Jan Steen and Jan van Goyen take you on a journey into their work and private spaces. They will also reveal some exhilarating secrets about their personal lives in the 17th century.

Crazy Hot Spot Speed Tour

Experience a museum like never before! Get on board and thunder like a rollercoaster through Museon-Omniversum. There is no sitting still. Put all your senses to work. Amazement and emotion guaranteed. Will you join us?

Flash tour exhibition ‘Belt of paper’

Take the flash tour of the ‘Belt of Paper’ exhibition. Guest curator Eline Kortekaas talks about the rise of the printed book in Indonesia and how it contributed to the country’s independence.

Flash tour: learn more about the history of The Hague

Did you know that The Hague is actually not a city, but a village? Or that a lion used to live on the Buitenhof? During this flash tour, a guide takes you along the highlights of the Hague Historical Museum and you hear the most interesting facts about The Hague. That tongue and finger from […]

FULLY BOOKED – Climb De Haagse Toren

Please note: This location can only be visited with a guided tour. The tours are now fully booked. There are no places to reserve at the door. We look forward to welcoming you to one of the 32 other locations! — You are not a citizen of The Hague if you have not visited it once: […]

FULLY BOOKED – Street art tours

Please note: This activity can only be visited with a guided tour. The tours are now fully booked. There are no places to reserve at the door. We look forward to welcoming you to one of the 32 other locations! — Discover The Hague’s finest street art now by night. Led by a guide, we will […]

Guided tour Maroon history

Join the tour guide and learn more about the history of the Maroons, descendants of enslaved people who fled the plantations in Suriname. During the tour you will be taken through the Revolt and Freedom installation where you hear more about the Maroon freighters strike in 1921. And in the exhibition On the Map you […]

Hidden places tour

Due to the success of last year’s MNDH, the tours have been scaled up! Dive with our tour guides among the bookshelves in the depots, which are normally not accessible for public. Sneak through the source of countless stories in the dark and be surprised by 122 km of Dutch written heritage. Stand face to […]

In-depth tour of Art & Project

Immerse yourself in the world of Art & Project! The Amsterdam gallery has been leading the development of contemporary art in the Netherlands and far beyond for more than thirty years. From 1968 to 2001, the gallery organized a groundbreaking program with work by both national and international artists, such as Sol LeWitt, Richard Long […]

Interactive tour: put yourself in the shoes of a judge

Please note: this program is only in Dutch. The Prison Gate: for centuries judges here decided the fate of thieves, impostors and murderers. Tonight the judge needs your help: what do the suspects have on their conscience and what punishment is appropriate? You can figure it out during this interactive tour! (Note: this tour takes […]

Meet ‘the unknown Escher’

The museum curator will introduce you to ‘the unknown Escher’. In the exhibition ‘the unknown Escher’ you will discover the unknown side of the world-famous artist M.C. Escher, especially during Museum Night. The curator will tell you more about the unknown side of Escher, and you can be one of the first visitors to see […]

Nocturnal Garden Tour

Constantijn Huygens calls the Hofwijck garden ‘the key to my heart.’ He designed a garden in the shape of the human body, inspired in part by ideas from antiquity. During a walk through the garden you will hear why Hofwijck’s garden was more than a garden for Huygens.

OUR COUNTRY tour by night

During a guided tour in the exhibition OUR LAND, delve deeper into the complex and often painful aspects of Dutch colonial history with the curator of the Museum Maluku, Huib Akihary. Then, listen to eight family stories told by eyewitnesses of that history and their descendants. How does this history continue to influence us today? […]

Speed Tours

The American embassy was designed by the famous architect Marcel Breuer. The national monument is an icon for perhaps the most influential cultural movement of the 20th century: Bauhaus. During the Museumnacht, our expert guides give guided tours showing the special library, the auditorium, the conference room and the ambassador’s room. The speed tour lasts […]

Study the night sky with Sterrenwacht Rijswijk

On Museum Night 2023, Sterrenwacht Rijswijk will come to Huygens’ Hofwijck with telescopes. Just like Christiaan Huygens, you can look at the night sky. Who knows, you might discover something?

Symbolic Ritual – Julie de Ruijter x UHG

Julie de Ruijter is a ritualistic artist who explores the transformative potential of ritual through her multidisciplinary work. Connected to natural rhythms and the mystical, de Ruijter creates ritualistic spaces, experiences, and intimate pieces, encouraging herself and others to connect with their inner landscape. This Museumnight, connect with your personal, symbolic inner world by creating […]

Van Kleef Tours

Visit the guided tour at the former distillery at Van Kleef and let yourself be transported back to the time when 14 distillers were still active in the Hague Center and, in addition to alcoholic stimulants, they were also producers of medicines, lemonades and perfume!