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Aaand, ACTION! pubquiz

Can you hum the orchestral parts of great film classics? Can you connect popular movie scores to movie scenes with your eyes closed? Do you know Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer & John Williams like the back of your hand? In other words, are you known by friends as the film (music) connoisseur? Then take part … Continued

Looking for Escher

Are you a good observer? Does nothing stay hidden from you? Do you think you know M.C. Escher? Then join the treasure hunt full of Escher details. Grab your phone, scan the code and get started. Alone, in pairs or with your whole group. Or battle against each other in teams! Who will score the … Continued

Murder at the museum

It is 1924, an icy wind is blowing through Voorburg and there is a mysterious ambiance hanging in the air. In the village near The Vliet, the residents are startled in the middle of the night by an ominous noise.   The next morning the Renault KJ1 car from Detective van Rossum is parked in front … Continued