Saturday 12 October 2024
20:00 – 01:00

Chocolate Bingo

Bingo! Who doesn’t actually know it? To make this game even more exciting, Chocoladehuis Voorburg has something in store. The owner of this chocolate house, Jeroen, is also the bingo master this evening. It couldn’t be more fun! Come by, cross off the numbers, and who knows, you might even taste chocolate. Fun is guaranteed […]

Escape Rooms

Discover the former US Embassy in a unique way. Three rooms in the different corners of the building have been transformed into Escape Rooms. Only by formulating answers together and solving riddles about art can you escape. Or will you be able to find the secret route out? West’s exhibitions in this monumental building provide […]

From one place to another

With Museum Night, cluster Voorburg is located just outside The Hague. To make a connection between the three participating locations: Huygens’ Swaensteyn, Huygens’ Hofwijck and Kunstuitleen Voorburg, you can use an alternative form of transportation. Who knows, you might even bounce through Voorburg’s old shopping street this evening.

Interactive tour: put yourself in the shoes of a judge

Please note: this program is only in Dutch. The Prison Gate: for centuries judges here decided the fate of thieves, impostors and murderers. Tonight the judge needs your help: what do the suspects have on their conscience and what punishment is appropriate? You can figure it out during this interactive tour! (Note: this tour takes […]

Magic graphic

M.C. Escher creates graphic art. Woodcuts, wood engravings, lithographs and linocuts. But how does that work? Unfortunately, he himself can no longer show it, but artist Mieke Robroeks can! During Museum Night, she will be working live with the graphic techniques used by Escher. Follow her hands and see the magic happen before your eyes.

NewsArcade Quiz

NewsArcade Quiz: Transforming News Consumption through Gamification ???? Explore news in a new way with NewsArcade! Learn more about an interactive, gamified news format that will put you in the shoes of a journalist. This project aims at enhancing your news literacy, critical thinking, and understanding of media production. Join us at Museum Night for a […]

Playing games

Shuffleboard and Jenga XXL. Have a cosy time playing these games. Who will you challenge?


Do you know who is the composer of Pirates of the Caribbean? Who is behind that famous Jaws tune? Which deceased actress scored a hit with Physical? In other words, are you known by friends as the film (music) connoisseur? Then take part in the Filmhuis x Museumnacht Pub Quiz!

Quiz: Do you remember?

One Direction, Justin Bieber, the first iPad, Lena Lijstje, Het Klokhuis and loombands: they all have something in common… They are from the 2010s! Who stared at you from the poster above your bed? And what do you remember about your favorite series and music from the past? Test it in the Back to Then […]


The Atrium of the City Hall will be turned into a rollerskatedisco during the Museumnight The Hague. So put on your rollerskates and roll along on the funky beats from DJ Groove Selektor Brian Bfunk. No rollerskates in your attic, but would you still like to shine on the dance floor? No problem! You can […]

Skittles at the Skittle Rink!

Did you know that Huygens’ Hofwijck also has a skittle alley? In the garden, near the Vliet, there is a lane. Especially for Museum Night it is illuminated. Together with your friends, family or “strangers” you can enjoy a game of skittles here.