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Visit our ‘white cube’ or delve into our bright pink, round space; take place in our cinema, take a tour through our excavation site, or enjoy a musical: at 1646 you’ll experience something completely new each time!  At 1646 we work with artists who approach complex ideas and life questions by means of fiction, humor … Continued


Nest is an art space located in the Energiekwartier in The Hague and offers an elaborate program centered around art, collaboration and encounters. Nest provides a platform to makers, writers, talkers and thinkers, with an international scope. As part of the vibrant and dynamic creative climate in The Hague, it fosters space for artists to … Continued

Stroom The Hague

As an art center, Stroom Den Haag produces and presents many diverse projects and exhibitions throughout the year. The policy is based on the conviction that art constantly offers new insights and contributes to the discourse about art, the city and society. With a full and diverse program we use imagination to enrich and clarify … Continued

Studio LOOS

Studio LOOS is the hot spot for new music in The Hague. It is a workspace, laboratory and public presentation space for research, experimentation, development, innovation and the production of interdisciplinary electro acoustic music, sound and audio art, improvisation and composition, monomedia, bimedia, polymedia and hypermedia. It is also an environment where the LOOS Foundation … Continued

The Grey Space in the Middle

The Grey Space in the Middle is a space for fundamental creativity where relations emerge between people, art, digital culture, science, technology, philosophy and food.  A permanent festival, a project, presentation and residency space, an art, music and performance venue, a club and a cafe with a kitchen, bar and outdoor terrace in The Hague. 

Zinderin Kunst

Zinderin Kunst is an artisan ceramics workshop & shop in the center of The Hague.   Potters and sculpture makers make unique vases, dishes, pots and sculptures. There is a lot of interest in this from local, national and international visitors.  The makers have a WLZ or WMO-indication and work according to capacity. If necessary, they … Continued