Saturday 12 October 2024
20:00 – 01:00


Af Klint and Mondrian are each other’s contemporaries, but without ever having met, they are working on the same thing in their work. Both artists are looking for abstractionism and trying to imagine the invisible. Will you opt for Mondrian’s clean lines and surfaces in red, blue, and yellow? Or will your intuition lead you […]


Discover the magic when two artists from “”De Popstad” merge their talents to create a unique sound. OONA’s gloomy and melancholic productions meet AVA NOVA’s poppy vocal lines and harmonious choirs. Their intimate live set, accompanied by acoustic piano, bass synth, and simple electronics, delivers a blend of 90’s R&B and modern indie/electro-pop. Come listen […]

Banditas X UHG 

Banditas are on a mission to amplify the voices of talented women in the music industry. In every track they curate, their dedication to promoting inclusivity shines through, showcasing the rich mosaic of cultures from around the world. Join them on this incredible journey where music becomes a medium to embrace your body, activate your […]

Beukwerk Records X UHG 

Tim, the person behind Beukwerk Records, is a vinyl lover. But for him it’s not only about the music, album covers are equally important. He sees them as pieces of art and sometimes he buys records because of their covers. Like this, he discovers nice -and sometimes bad- music. So his out-of-hand hobby remains exciting. […]


Get ready to show off your style at the heat press workshop! Join us for a fun and interactive session where you’ll discover the art of heat pressing. Unleash your creativity as you design and personalize your own tote bags. Our friendly instructors will guide you through the process, sharing different techniques to create unique […]

Buses The Hague Bus Museum

The buses of the Hague Bus Museum connect the Cluster Museum Quarter and  Cluster Statenkwartier. Ride along on this direct connection and you’ll be on the other side of town in no time! Every 10 minutes, a bus leaves from Lange Voorhout (at the information point at Toornooiveld) and the Kunstmuseum/Museon-Omniversum. The first bus leaves […]

Cheers @ Fotomuseum Den Haag

Are you ready for a little rest after a visit to the exhibition, workshop or dancing? Cheers! Because in Ginger this evening the most delicious cocktails are served.

Cheers @ Kunstmuseum The Hague

Are you ready for a little rest after a visit to the exhibition, workshop or dancing? Cheers! You can enjoy a delicious snack or drink in the Garden Hall of the Art Museum.


Get ready to hit the dance floor in KM21! Clostoya will be providing electrifying sounds. This DJ from The Hague brings a blasting mix of deep/tech/acid house, 80s90s house, and a touch of disco. Let yourself be carried away by her energetic beats after exploring the impressive exhibition at KM21. It’s guaranteed to be an […]

Crazy Hot Spot Speed Tour

Experience a museum like never before! Get on board and thunder like a rollercoaster through Museon-Omniversum. There is no sitting still. Put all your senses to work. Amazement and emotion guaranteed. Will you join us?

Dancing with a sperm whale

Fancy a drink and a dance next to The Hague’s most famous sperm whale? Enter the red carpet and walk straight into the party zone of Museon-Omniversum. Enjoy a drink before immersing yourself in the fractal world in the Dome, or warm up for the speed tour through the museum. DJ Mike will provide the […]

Flaire X UHG 

Self-brewed, unpolished, and above all, incredibly danceable: that’s the new promise from The Hague, Flaire. With explosive energy, Max Lorenzo, Holty, and producer Yves Springer take you on a versatile pop journey with influences of trance and house. Formed in 2022, the band quickly gained the spotlight when their single ‘Oog in Oog’ was played […]

Fotomuseum Den Haag

The Hague Museum of Photography presents more than ten exhibitions each year by Dutch and international photographers, including big names such as Man Ray, Emmy Andriesse, Sally Mann, Anton Corbijn, Erwin Olaf and Robin de Puy. Fotomuseum Den Haag sees photography as art and wants to be a place where people can find the space […]

Get Fractalicious!

Immerse yourself in a world of fractal imagery and sound. The Dome screen of Museon-Omniversum becomes one big kaleidoscope during the film Recombination. Visual artist Julius Horsthuis takes you into several worlds, each equipped with specially composed music by his favorite producers. You will see the most beautiful and mind-enriching landscapes, worlds, cathedrals and architectural […]

Historic tram timetable

The HOVM manages a collection of approximately 30 trams, all of which have served in The Hague. Most of the collection belongs to the historical collection, which gives a good picture of the Hague tram in the period from 1905 to 1993. Some trams are not historic cars, but function as a Tourist Tram or […]

Iris Lam X UHG 

IRIS LAM (1993) is auteur and visual artist. Her work has previously appeared in publications like Tirade, Awater, and de Gids. She is renowned for her humorous and provocative drawings, animations, and stories. Her aim is to address sensitive topics such as fear, sexuality, and death in a way that makes them approachable for both […]


KM21 is an institute for contemporary art that stages three to four exhibitions each year showcasing Dutch and international artists, from emerging talents to established names. The exhibitions are accompanied by a public programme that includes artist talks, performances and lectures.  Established as GEM in 2002, KM21 is housed in the same building as The […]

Kunstmuseum Den Haag

Be blown away by the collection of one of Europe’s largest art museums, with no fewer than 160,000 masterpieces from both modern and contemporary art – as well as the visual arts, applied arts, and fashion. There is something for everyone! The Kunstmuseum is the international home of the man who changed everything: Piet Mondrian. […]

Looking with the eyes of the artist

At KM21, you are taken on a journey through Discordia, the exhibition of artist Samara Scott. For this site-specific work, she was inspired by the industrial harbor landscape in front of her house in Dover. Trucks drive back and forth, traffic lights flash, light discolors the water of the sea: it is both fascinating and dystopic. […]

Make a magic mushroom trip

Come to Museon-Omniversum and make your own mushrooms. Fill your bucket with coffee grounds and mushroom spawn, give them some love, speak to them and then you will see how quickly the mushrooms germinate at home.  Complete your mushroom trip by watching the movie Recombination at the Dome before or afterward.