Workshop Archives - Museumnacht Den Haag

Back to black

In the exhibition Balenciaga in Black you get the chance to follow in the footsteps of a fashion designer for one evening. Create your own outfit together with our museum teachers, inspired by the master of couture: Cristóbal Balenciaga. Go wild with lace, embroidery, velvet, draped silk, fringes, or dazzling sequins… All in Balenciaga’s favorite … Continued

Balenciaga’s Next Top Model 

In the fashion exhibition Balenciaga in Black you can admire many beautiful vintage drawings of Balenciaga’s masterpieces. Have you always wondered what you would look like as a stylish fashion illustration? Anna Wijnands can transform you into a real Balenciaga model in just a few brushstrokes! You only have to pose for five minutes, think … Continued

Create your own Rembrandt

In our exhibition Manhattan Masters we show the best from The Frick Collection in New York, including a self-portrait by Rembrandt van Rijn. In the workshop we focus on the techniques and style of this self-portrait. You will learn how Rembrandt made a portrait painting. And then you will paint your on painting.

Drawing with light

Taking photos without using your phone or camera? You can! By means of the so-called cyanotopy technique. Curious to see how it works? Come by and take your photo – made without a camera – and bring it home afterwards.

Hardrock Actionpainting 

It’s time to unleash your inner Jackson Pollock! Grab some headphones, brush and paint, turn on the music and let your creativity run wild. This abstract expressionist art form brings your energy to the canvas and may eventually become an MNDH souvenir in your living room.

Paper making workshop

Does your creative brain need a burst of fresh energy? There’s not much more needed than a pile of old paper.   It’s not hard to make your own paper, but it is great fun! When you know how to, you can make real works of art of your handmade paper by just adding dried flowers, … Continued

Peeping at sculptures

Have you always been curious about how a sculpture is made? At Zinderin you and your fellow MNDH-visitors will decorate a clay sculpture. The employees have jointly chosen the theme ‘Environment’ and have already made a series of ceramics for inspiration. When the work is finished, it will be glazed and fired and then raffled … Continued

The Observatory Rijswijk

This year, the Rijswijk Observatory will be present in Hofwijck’s garden. In clear weather you can look at the planets Jupiter and Saturn with the Maksutov reflecting telescope and an apochromatic lens telescope. Christiaan Huygens was the first scientist to find an explanation for the rings of Saturn and that is how this discovery is … Continued

Ukelele All Stars 

Have you always wanted to try the ukulele? This is your chance to go crazy with friends on a mini guitar! Musical talent is not necessary, everyone can do it!

Workshop blueprinting

Join us in a quick workshop “blueprints” or Cyanotype. Learn the technique and as a result you will understand the basics of photography better. This special photographic process was discovered in 1842 by John Herschel. Anna Atkins used the technique a year later to create illustrations for a book. She is therefore seen as the … Continued